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SETAC- Europe (UK Branch)

SETAC-UK was incorporated as a private limited company on 6 December 1989, and is one of two local branches of SETAC within Europe. The UK branch aims are to promote:-

  A scientific forum for environmental toxicologists and chemists in the U.K.
  Multidisciplinary research into environmental problems. This problems are researched and solved or discussed in environmental essay topics https://essaystore.net/environmental-essays-topics/
  Application and development of fundamental research to applied problem-solving in the environment. The Society aims to balance membership between government, industry, and academia.

Activities of SETAC-UK

SETAC-UK organises scientific meetings and workshops on any aspect of environmental toxicology and chemistry. These may range from geochemistry, environmental fate and modelling, toxic effects to biota (biochemical, cell, organism, population, or ecosystem level), risk assessment, regulatory ecotoxicology, waste disposal, sustainable development, human and environmental health, theoretical and applied chemistry and biology. These activities are co-ordinated through SETAC-UK Council, which is subject to periodic election by SETAC-UK members.